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Quails Nest God of Mischief



I’ll be adding new pics of the kittens, in the meantime here are three short videos of my current kittens.  There’s one black & white male and two calico females.

Kittens at aproximately 10 weeks:

At approximately 6 weeks:

At approximately 4 weeks:


My kittens are neutered/spayed before going to their new home.  If you would like more information read instructions below with the requested information and any questions you may have.  Always include your phone number.  I do not take color requests.  I do not answer emails thats just ask if I have kittens available with no information as requested below.  Thank you for your love of the Cornish Rex.

Barbara Morrow, Quails Nest Cornish Rex

  Serious inquiries only.  

Email and introduction to Barbara at twomorrows@hughes.net.  Include: your name and location.  Number of people in your household.  If you have children include their ages.  Include number of hours your Cornish Rex would be alone per day.  Do you smoke in your home and do you allow others to smoke in your home.  Tell me why you would like to have this Cornish Rex as a forever family member.  Share with me your thoughts on de-clawing and how you feel towards Vets that include de-clawing in their services. How many other cats or pets have you had in your life time.  What happened to them.  Include pictures of them in your introduction.  Any additional information is appreciated.  When I receive your introduction I’ll confirm of receipt.  I’ll read carefully and either call or email you.

Thank You for your love of the Cornish Rex.

Please email Barbara or call her at 559-575-4820 to inquire.

I prefer email inquiries with an introduction.  twomorrows@hughes,net.