Quails Nest was established and registered with Cat Fanciers Association in 1995, owner Barbara Morrow. As a responsible breeder and exhibitor of Cornish Rex, my goal is to breed to the CFA Cornish Rex breed standard plus produce happy and healthy Cornish Rex. My Cornish Rex are family members, living in our home receiving love, care and fun interaction with their humans.

My kittens are neutered/spayed before going to their forever homes. They receive vaccines and a vet exam before placement. I also have a Purchase Agreement requiring signed document from the purchaser. I like to know as much as possible about potential adopters, this helps with my decisions in placing my kittens in a home that is a good match for them and the new adopters.

  • ┬áMember of the CFA Cornish Rex Breed Council.
  • Founding member BOD member Cornish Rex Friends Rescue
  • President of the Cornish Rex Breed Club
  • Secretary of the Fresno Cat Club
  • Breeder/Exhibitor in good standing of the CFA Registry

A Bit of History — BEGINNING

My first cat I exhibited in CFA was Rex Effects My Buddy of Quails Nest ‘Buddy’ . Buddy and I traveled and had so much fun in the show halls and meeting new people. Buddy was a real entertainer. He earned his Grand award and also Regional Winner Awards. Buddy also earned Highest Scoring Cornish Rex in Premiership at the CFA International 1997. He retired from show business May 1997 and was the Cornish Rex King of the Morrow household. He passed over the rainbow bridge in 2006 and I miss him tremendously.

My Buddy with his loving human Barbara. Photo taken at the Reno show in 1996 where Buddy earned his winners ribbons and the beginning of a year of traveling and having fun with Buddy.

Bill and Barbara accepting Buddy’s awards from Judge Jean Grimm at the NorthWest Region Award Banquet June 1997. So proud we are of Buddy’s accomplishments.